Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have a Hold 'em Party!

This week has already been super busy but I wanted to post a little something for you all to read. One of the parties that my husband and I like to host is a Texas Hold em party. We have them all the time and just love it! It is a great way to get your friends together without having to constantly entertain them...the poker is entertaining enough! Here is what you will need to throw a good Hold 'em party:
1. Guests - you can't play Texas Hold 'em unless you have people to play with! A good number to have is at least 8 people. If you have a lot of friends and want to invite more people, then you can always setup several tables
2. Several deck of cards - two deck of cards for each table should be your rule of thumb. You will not play with both decks at the same time, but can switch out each hand. The deck that is not being used at that time will be shuffled by another player. This allows for the game to go faster so you don't have to wait each hand for the cards to be shuffled.
3. Poker chips - make sure you have enough chips for each player. A good amount would be 50-100 chips per player.
4. Lots of snacks - finger foods are great for a poker party. Chicken fingers, chips, cookies, brownies, etc.
5. Rules - make sure that everyone is aware of the rules before you play.
Have fun at your next poker party!


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