Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ways to be nice

Okay, I know this post has nothing to do with weddings or events, but I found this article on Real Simple and thought that we all need to read things like this every once in awhile. The article is 48 Ways to be Nice and Improve the World Around You. I posted just a few points but you can find the whole article on the Real Simple website. Be nice to someone today!

When someone leaves a pie plate or a casserole dish at your house, return it with something tasty inside.
Make a list of local shops, restaurants, hair salons, and other services for new neighbors.

When a guest brings a bottle of wine to a party you’re throwing, jot her name on the label. Down the road, when you finally pop the cork, dial up your friend to let her know you’re having a drink in her honor.

Overtip your breakfast waiter. He probably put forth just as much effort as someone on the evening shift would, but his take-home pay is probably lower.

Instead of tossing magazines and old books into the recycling bin, drop a stack off at a local women’s shelter or your gym.

When someone is moving to a new city, supply friends and family members with stamped, preaddressed postcards. (Hand them out at the going-away party.) By the time the family pulls into the new driveway, there will be warm wishes awaiting them.

If you know someone is going out to dinner to celebrate a special occasion, call the restaurant in advance and say you’ll pick up the cost of her wine or dessert.

Every day for a year, jot down one thing you love about your child/husband/friend (he has a crooked smile; she snorts when she laughs). At the end of the year, give the person your one-of-a-kind, 365-item list.

When stocking up on school supplies, pick up a few extras and give them to your child’s teacher to pass on to students whose families might not be able to afford them.


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