Monday, October 27, 2008

Cute Idea!

Okay, ladies. This item is a MUST HAVE! Have you ever been upset at Groom/Husband/Boyfriend/Any other man in your life because he has either forgotten your Birthday/Anniversary/etc. or bought just a horrible gift? We have all done it, just admit it. Even though we have been so angry at the man who did this, it is partly our fault. We did not equip him with the proper tools that he needed to remember our special occasions and what we really like as gifts (not the blender that he bought us so that we could make smoothies. We get the hint...we will lay off the choco chip cookies!)

Well now we can get our man something that will make both his life and ours a little bit easier. It is the Pink Card! This little card can be personalized to your needs and given to your man so that he never forgets about you again. It can have all your important dates on it plus your sizes or favorite things that you like to receive.

In the end, the man that has forgotten about you once before won't do it again. And you will get you want....attention from him and a nice gift for yourself.

Us women can be so hard to please sometimes :)


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