Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm in LOVE!

Okay, it might be silly to be in love with dresses, but I can't help it! I recently found this wedding dress designer, Model Novias and my breath has been taken away by these gorgeous dresses! My first discovery of this designer was on the Wedding Chicks' blog (the picture that is on the left of the last group came from their blog) and from there I went on to do my own research. These dresses are so girly and sophisticated that anyone who slips into one will look absolutely stunning. I love them all but I have to say that the pink dress is one of my favorites. It is a light enough pink to make you look soft and lovely while still wowing the crowd (and your groom!). After seeing these dresses I wish so badly that I could be a bride of today. I got married four years ago, and while I still love the dress that I wore, I really would have loved to wear a gown like these shown above. Maybe I'll have to see if Model Novias would let me do a photoshoot for them??!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Invitation Sale!

We have 25 Ivory Invitations with Black Organza Ribbon for sale...at a REALLY CHEAP PRICE! One of our clients accidentally ordered too many and wants to sale them so that they are not just put in a box and never used.
The sale includes everything that you see above. Here are the details:
-25 Cream Smooth Front Cards with Envelope
-25 Cream Smooth Front Response Cards
-25 Cream Smooth Front Reception Cards
-15 Cream Direction / Map Cards
- 25 Cream Tea Length Menu Cards
- 25 Cream Place Cards
- 3 Black Ribbon Spools (25 yards each)
The asking price for these invitations is $50.00 (that equals out to $2.00 each! That is a GREAT deal!)
These are perfect cards for a smaller wedding (say a Destination Wedding!) The cards are blank, ready for you to print your own wording on them.
Call Natasha at 423-468-0815 or email her at Natasha@allureeventconsulting.com if you would like to know more or to purchase these cards.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Need a Favor?


Favors and a bunch of other wedding goodies are on sale over at The Knot right now. If you are in need of any cutsie favors or gifts for your wedding guests (or bridal party) check out their inventory and see if something matches what you want to give.

While you are there, check out some of their other favorite favors like these great ideas:

Monday, September 22, 2008

FALL in Love!

I just LOVE Fall! With the cooler weather comes romantic nights sitting by the fire all bundled up. It's no wonder that so many brides are starting to lean towards Fall weddings. They are so romantic! I was inspired to do the Fall Color Board today because I am just so excited that Fall is here!

Thanks to the following for the pictures: www.2modern.blogs.com, www.ourlittleacre.blogspot.com, www.mydreamwedding.ca, www.createmyevent.com, www.hellolucky.com, www.imagecows.com, www.serendipity-photography.com, www.brides.com, www.champagneinfo.com

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green Favors

In a "Going Green World" we all need to jump in and do our part to help the Earth stay beautiful. I thought these favors were great in doing just that. Why not give your guests something that also gives back to the Earth? Giving a favor like these will also last much longer than the cd of love songs that will end up breaking, or even worse..sitting in the case and never being opened.

Take a look around on Plant A Memory's website and figure out what you would like to give your guests. As I am writing this I am remembering an episode of Seinfeld where George has to give gifts to his co-workers for Christmas. Well George, being the crazy man that he is, decides to create a fake charity and give people cards that read "A contribution of X amount was donated in your name to the People Fund." Well, if you have ever seen the episode you know that in the end, it does not work out as great as George had hoped for :)

Please, do not give "People Fund" kind of gifts...give them something that can really help!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Save the Date Card Idea!

I came across this Save the Date and just fell in love with it! Have the Save the Dates hand-drawn! What a unique, hip idea to send out to all of your guests. If you know anyone who is handy with a pencil, give them a favorite picture of you and your groom for the artist to draw. You can then scan it into your computer and add that rich, bold color that you are looking for. This Save the Date card is definitely eye-popping and fun to look at!

I'm sorry, but I do not have the website that this came off of, so if anyone knows please email me and I'll be sure to give the credit where it is due!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Love Story...

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Josh through Michelle McKibben Photography and just couldn't resist blogging about how they fell in love. It is such a neat story!

Jessica and Josh's fathers worked together and one day they were both talking about their children. After a while they decided that their kids needed to meet and go out on a blind date. Jessica's father went home and told her about Josh so she ripped a piece of paper out of her Winnie-the-Pooh notebook and wrote down her phone number. The next day Jessica's dad gave the number to Josh's dad and then he passed it along to his son when he got home from work. Well, Josh was just a little uneasy about going out on a blind date so he never called Jessica.
A few months later he was sitting in his class (he attended the local college) and as he was looking around the room something caught his eyes. It was a Winnie-the-Pooh notebook that looked exactly like the paper that his dad had given him with Jessica's phone number on it! As his eyes moved from the paper to the owner, he was mesmerized! Jessica was BEAUTIFUL! (At this point he didn't know that she was a model!) Being too nervous he didn't say anything to her that day. He had to work up the courage to tell her that HE was the guy that her dad tried to hook her up with!
After that they were inseparable and are actually getting married this Saturday!
I guess it is correct when they say "Father Knows Best!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Love these Save the Dates!

I don't think I have ever seen cuter Save the Dates than these! My husband and I love to travel and ALWAYS use luggage tags so we make sure that the bag we are grabbing off of the belt is ours and not Joe Blows. What a great way to set off your Destination Wedding! These tags will get everyone excited for their trip and wedding. I love that you can keep reusing them too...what a perfect gift! Check them out on their website!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The HusBand

Married Men Helping Married Men Stay Married Men...

I came across this video this morning and couldn't help but post it. Grooms and husbands just crack me up sometimes!

Find all of their videos and merchandise on their website www.thehusband.org.

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