Monday, September 8, 2008

A Love Story...

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Josh through Michelle McKibben Photography and just couldn't resist blogging about how they fell in love. It is such a neat story!

Jessica and Josh's fathers worked together and one day they were both talking about their children. After a while they decided that their kids needed to meet and go out on a blind date. Jessica's father went home and told her about Josh so she ripped a piece of paper out of her Winnie-the-Pooh notebook and wrote down her phone number. The next day Jessica's dad gave the number to Josh's dad and then he passed it along to his son when he got home from work. Well, Josh was just a little uneasy about going out on a blind date so he never called Jessica.
A few months later he was sitting in his class (he attended the local college) and as he was looking around the room something caught his eyes. It was a Winnie-the-Pooh notebook that looked exactly like the paper that his dad had given him with Jessica's phone number on it! As his eyes moved from the paper to the owner, he was mesmerized! Jessica was BEAUTIFUL! (At this point he didn't know that she was a model!) Being too nervous he didn't say anything to her that day. He had to work up the courage to tell her that HE was the guy that her dad tried to hook her up with!
After that they were inseparable and are actually getting married this Saturday!
I guess it is correct when they say "Father Knows Best!"


michellemckibbenphotography said...


Sorry it's been so long since I've checked out your blog. I forgot how many cute things you have on here. I love this story about Jessica & Josh. I'll have to have them check it out!

*~ Jane & Tricia ~* said...

Awwww that is such a cute love story!!

PicturesByTracy said...

What a wonderful story! I heart your blog Natasha.

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