Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green Favors

In a "Going Green World" we all need to jump in and do our part to help the Earth stay beautiful. I thought these favors were great in doing just that. Why not give your guests something that also gives back to the Earth? Giving a favor like these will also last much longer than the cd of love songs that will end up breaking, or even worse..sitting in the case and never being opened.

Take a look around on Plant A Memory's website and figure out what you would like to give your guests. As I am writing this I am remembering an episode of Seinfeld where George has to give gifts to his co-workers for Christmas. Well George, being the crazy man that he is, decides to create a fake charity and give people cards that read "A contribution of X amount was donated in your name to the People Fund." Well, if you have ever seen the episode you know that in the end, it does not work out as great as George had hoped for :)

Please, do not give "People Fund" kind of gifts...give them something that can really help!


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