Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome Gifts

If you are from Chattanooga, you know that MoonPies are a part of our history. Everyone can remember the delightful treat of getting a MoonPie and a RC Cola! Now you can share this great memory with your guests. Welcome your guests to Chattanooga by adding a few MoonPies to your basket along with a MoonPie candle. Your guests will eat the MoonPies right up, but leave that lingering memory of your wedding and Chattanooga by giving them a candle that they can keep using for a long time. You can get these great treats and candles at


Yummy Favors

Cutie Pie Cookies
What a cute gift! These very chic, delicous cookies can be used as wedding favors or any other gift giving that you have to do. Find old pictures of you and a few special guests that are attending your wedding and have cookies made out of the pictures. Then put the cookies at the tables where you know those people will will be a great surprse for them! Check out Cutie Pie Cookie for more great cookie ideas!

A Warm Welcome

Leaving a small gift in guests' hotel rooms before they arrive is a personable way to greet them. Tea -- presented with wonderful accessories or just a note -- will be appreciated when the air is chilly. Give gifts to all out-of-town guests, or to special friends or relatives.
This basket (from Pearl River) is filled with ginger-tangerine loose tea (by Ito En), porcelain teacups (from Pearl River), and rock-candy swizzle sticks (from Takashimaya); we tucked six or so filters inside a coin envelope (from Waste Not Paper).
You can also buy loose tea (below) in bulk -- -- this is a green chai variety (by Rishi Tea) -- and fill filter bags (by T-Sac); slip some into cellophane bags, and tie with yarn.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to drop a little note to tell all of my loyal blog fans, "Happy Thanksgiving!" I know that I am a little late, but I was celebrating the holiday with my husband..enjoying the 4 day vacation!

Here are just a few of the things that I am most thankful for this year:

1. My family of course!
2. The success of Allure
3. My loyal blog fans
4. Ice cream : )

Amazing Race is on, so I am going to run. But once again, Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Any Soldier

With Veterans Day this past weekend, I was reminded about a website that I found last year. It is , a website designed to recognize all the soldiers and let them know that people are really thinking about and supporting them. Imagine if you were fighting knowing that the majority of the country that you are fighting for was not supporting you...seems pretty ridiculous.
Let’s not forget our soldiers this Christmas. has thousands of soldiers listed, each giving information about what they could use the most for Christmas. Most need good hygiene products (not the cheap stuff..they already have that), items to keep them busy (crossword puzzles, movies, etc.) and goodies like candy and other snacks that they do not get.

I love for the simple fact that I like to support our troops. A lot of the times we want to support but do not know exactly what to do..well here is your opportunity to help.
If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. I’m not a pro at the website, but I have been on it a couple of times. I will try to answer any questions if you have them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Survival Kits

Picture your wedding, the bride, getting ready for the ceremony with butterflies in your stomach. Putting on your dress, getting your hair done with your bridesmaids, putting on that perfect color eyeshadow and then OH NO! Just when you think everything is going perfect, something disastrous either break a nail, your heal breaks, your flower girl falls and cuts her knee, etc. I am sure that all of these things and probably a lot worse have run through your head a dozen times. Well instead of worrying, let's make sure that you are prepared for all of those semi-disastrous things that can worry a bride to death!

Allure has created the perfect emergency survival kit for all brides, wedding planners, and anyone else who is involved in the wedding. In this super-cute kit you will have everything you need for a wedding emergency. The survival kit includes:

The Super Cute Tote, Super Glue, Mini Sewing Kit, Hairspray, Tissues, Shout Wipes, Lint Roller, Static Guard, Bobby Pins, Safety Pins, Tylenol, Breath Spray (getting ready for the big kiss!), Nail File, Nail Clippers, First Aid Kit, Floss, Tampons, Rubber Bands, Clear Nail Polish, Deodorant, Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, Hair Comb, and Double Sided Tape

We have thought about everything that could prevent a wedding from being perfect and designed a kit to make sure that a non-perfect wedding just doesn't happen! We want the best day of your life to be flawless and with this survival kit, you will have just that!

Each Survival Kit can be purchased for $45.00

Please email Allure at to receive your Survival Kit Bag!

Sales Blitz


Allure and Michelle McKibben Photography joined forces on Monday for a sales blitz to Chattanooga wedding and meeting vendors. Our packages were so cute and we loved giving the gifts to help promote our businesses. Inside each package were two boxes, one containing chocolate fudge and the other containing these bright colored malted milkballs that we found at a unique gift shop. We also added cards, not the usual business cards, but huge half-page cards that would really stick out to vendors and brides. We still have several vendors that we need to get to, so if we haven't been by your place yet...we will be there soon! We appreciate anyone and everyone who can refer business to us and we will do the same for you!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Dan and Kim

Dan and Kim Royer
June 2, 2007
I love this picture of Dan and Kim..Streamers may seem like a good idea, but they sure are hard to walk through! Dan and Kim got stuck half way down the stairs!

From right to left: Ryan, Ben, Scott, Dan, Blackburn

As Dan and Kim were leaving the reception, the groomsmen decided to escort them out..military style!

The Royer wedding took place in Utah...and it was fabulous! With the view of snowcapped mountains and wandering elk, it was captivating as it was touching. Kim made a beautiful bride and Dan didn't do too bad for a groom either. Lovely couple and even better friends.

Jill and Will

Jill Jensen and Will Thrash
Friday, January 4, 2008

Jill and Will are two great people with a great sense of wedding style. Having their wedding in January, the most appropriate theme is WINTER WONDERLAND, of course! With the colors white, silver and icy blue draped all throughout the ceremony and reception places, the feeling of winter will be most evident.

January 4th is right around the corner, and we are looking forward to the wedding as much as Jill and Will are. We will make sure that we post more about this fantastic couple once they become Mr. and Mrs. Thrash. Good Luck!

Romance Trivia

Have you played our game yet? On the back of my business card you will find the following questions. The first person to email me with the correct answers will win a our fun honeymoon tote, filled awesome honeymoon goodies!! (ooh la la!)

There's just one catch....You must be the first to correctly answer these questions AND the questions from the back of the business card from "Michelle McKibben Photography". Don't have their card? Get their questions from the blog on their website @
A. To submit answers, click on the "comments" section of this blog post and post your answers, for both Allure's questions and Michelle McKibben Photography's questions.

B. Game officially starts January 6, 2008. Answers submitted to us before then will be disqualified.
C. Each person who answers ALL the questions from Allure's site and Michelle McKibben Photography's site will be put into a drawing for the Honeymoon Tote.

D. Correct answers will be posted to our blogs along with the winner on January 12, 2008.


1. Who were the first people to kiss their noses?
a. Eskimos b. Egyptians c. Caveman

2. Kissing prevents tooth decay because the extra salvia helps clean out your mouth.
a. True b. False

3. How long was the longest engagement?
a. 85 years b. 107 years c. 67 years

4. Pennsylvania Ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or
groom is _____?
a. Drunk b. Married c. Ugly

5. Studies show that when a man kisses his wife every morning he has a greater ______?
a. Stamina b. Income c. Sense of Humor


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