Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Survival Kits

Picture your wedding day...you, the bride, getting ready for the ceremony with butterflies in your stomach. Putting on your dress, getting your hair done with your bridesmaids, putting on that perfect color eyeshadow and then OH NO! Just when you think everything is going perfect, something disastrous happens...you either break a nail, your heal breaks, your flower girl falls and cuts her knee, etc. I am sure that all of these things and probably a lot worse have run through your head a dozen times. Well instead of worrying, let's make sure that you are prepared for all of those semi-disastrous things that can worry a bride to death!

Allure has created the perfect emergency survival kit for all brides, wedding planners, and anyone else who is involved in the wedding. In this super-cute kit you will have everything you need for a wedding emergency. The survival kit includes:

The Super Cute Tote, Super Glue, Mini Sewing Kit, Hairspray, Tissues, Shout Wipes, Lint Roller, Static Guard, Bobby Pins, Safety Pins, Tylenol, Breath Spray (getting ready for the big kiss!), Nail File, Nail Clippers, First Aid Kit, Floss, Tampons, Rubber Bands, Clear Nail Polish, Deodorant, Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, Hair Comb, and Double Sided Tape

We have thought about everything that could prevent a wedding from being perfect and designed a kit to make sure that a non-perfect wedding just doesn't happen! We want the best day of your life to be flawless and with this survival kit, you will have just that!

Each Survival Kit can be purchased for $45.00

Please email Allure at
natasha@allureeventconsulting.com to receive your Survival Kit Bag!


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