Friday, November 30, 2007

A Warm Welcome

Leaving a small gift in guests' hotel rooms before they arrive is a personable way to greet them. Tea -- presented with wonderful accessories or just a note -- will be appreciated when the air is chilly. Give gifts to all out-of-town guests, or to special friends or relatives.
This basket (from Pearl River) is filled with ginger-tangerine loose tea (by Ito En), porcelain teacups (from Pearl River), and rock-candy swizzle sticks (from Takashimaya); we tucked six or so filters inside a coin envelope (from Waste Not Paper).
You can also buy loose tea (below) in bulk -- -- this is a green chai variety (by Rishi Tea) -- and fill filter bags (by T-Sac); slip some into cellophane bags, and tie with yarn.
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