Sunday, February 8, 2009

For the Reception: William Hill Wine

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If you are serving wine at your wedding, make sure that you have something descent. Even if you are not a wine snob, you can pretty much be assured that your guests will know if you are serving them something cheap. One of the best wines that I like for a good price is William Hill. This Napa Valley winery produces a perfect red wine that I just could drink all day long!

William Hill is about $17.00 per bottle and is worth every penny. It is not too cheap and certainly not the most expensive, but I think your guests will be satisfied with it's taste and aroma. If your reception facility will allow you to bring in your own wine, I would highly suggest that you consider this wine for your guests.

Sidenote- If your budget does not allow for a wine like William Hill, I would suggest that you start out with something a little nicer and as the night progresses, change to a cheaper wine. Most will not notice the change too much since they have been drinking already :)


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