Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Idea: Cigar Bar!

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At the wedding that I was at last weekend, one of the things that the bride and groom did was a cigar and brandy bar. I loved that idea! Outside of the reception was a small lounge section covered by a cabana tent. In the tent was a Cigar Roller from CF Dominicana Cigar Catering. Everyone loved the idea of having their cigars rolled right there in front of them while they sipped brandy. If you want to give your reception that little extra touch, I would highly recommend that you consider hiring a cigar rolling company like CF Dominicana Cigar Catering.


Jess said...

What a neat idea! This would be perfect for an old-hollywood styled party.

PicturesByTracy said...

Love this idea!!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

We plan on having on at our wedding! So fun!

lamb411 said...

Very original idea. Was the brandy also supplied from the company you mentioned in the post?

Did guests enjoy rolling their own cigars? Was there someone there to assist them?

Allure Event Consulting said...

Lamb411 -

The brandy was actually supplied by the bride and groom, so I am not sure if the cigar company would supply it or not.

As far as the cigars...the guests did not actually roll their own, there was a roller there that rolled them while the guests watched. Even though they did not roll their own, the guests still loved it!

Sayyed Nasir said...

You have creative can rock.Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!

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