Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome, December!

Now that it is December, we all need to start decorating for Christmas (if you already have not). I know in my household, we don't do anything pertaining to Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It seems like holidays are just so rushed anymore, and when we start focusing on Christmas before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving passes us without us even knowing it.

So, as I was looking for decor ideas, once again Better Homes and Gardens had some really cute examples on their website:

Swirling Trees and Lollipops
Whimsical and bright, striped fondant topiary trees put a twist -- literally -- on ordinary holiday decor. Place them in white containers to make the vivid colors pop.

Whimsical Winter
Put a twist on the holidays by painting traditional holiday symbols in unconventional colors. You may like your new dotted Christmas tree so much you'll keep it up year-round!
Paper Panache
A curled paper tree could be the ultimate in disposable decor. Simply glue long strips of colorful paper to a wooden dowel or stake and then roll the paper around a pencil or marker. Gently unroll for a whimsical curl.

Party-Time Peppermint
A cohesive red-and-white color scheme pulls together these glass vases filled with peppermints and the simple white trees with candy ornaments.


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