Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Girl!

It's my birthday so that means no work for today, right?? a perfect world! But I promise I won't work too hard :)
I probably won't blog for the rest of the week since today is my 25th and then tomorrow is my 4th wedding anniversary. Lots of celebrating to do!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jumping for LOVE

Okay, some people think that this is absolutely crazy...but me..I think it is AWESOME! I have always wanted to go skydiving and my dad had promised me that on my 21st birthday we would do so, just me and him. Well that sounded like a great plan...until we realized that my 21st birthday was also my rehearsal dinner night. Yes, I got married the day after my bday. At the time it wasn't a big deal, I just wanted to marry my husband. Now...let's just say that I wish I would have separated the days a little bit. I like celebrating both days but not back to back.

Anyway........I have finally talked my husband into taking me skydiving. We were going to go this weekend until I backed into a brand new Mercedes (the 1st time I have ever hit would have to be an expensive car!) and now have to pay a $250.00 deductible. But, he has promised me that it will be soon. YAY! I'm SUPER excited!!!

I am just loving the pictures from above and the couples who really did something crazy on their wedding day. How fun!!!!!!! Thanks to and for these crazy pics!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wine Parties

I love wine. I actually prefer it to most drinks. There is something about the taste of it that I thrive. Okay, now I sound like an alcoholic...which I am not. But when I do drink wine (which is about once a month) I really do enjoy it.

Most of us know the kinds of wine that we like. However, if you are knew into the wine-world, it can be very confusing. Here are just a few websites that might help you:

Wine Beginner (provider of picture), Wine Searcher , Wine Library

Home parties themed around wine are becoming more and more popular. How to throw a Wine Party:

1. Send out invitations explaining that each couple will bring 2 bottles of the same wine
2. Once guests arrive, put the wines into wine sleeves (or anything to cover the label)
3. During dinner, open only one of the bottles from each guest.
4. Have the guests sample each wine
4. Whichever wine was liked the most the couple who brought that kind of wine gets to take home the unopened bottles.
5. Drink the rest of the already opened bottles and have a good time!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Desserts

Dessert Receptions are becoming more and more popular these days. With wedding themes based around romantic candlelight and the late evening breezes, desserts are the perfect end to a perfect night. As most know, chocolate is an aphrodisiac.....meaning, it is the perfect food for a whole entire day based on love. To have a dessert reception make sure that you indicate on the invitations that it is a dessert reception so that your guests do not come expecting a full meal. A dessert reception normally works out best if the ceremony is around 7:30 with the reception beginning between 8:15-8:30. Have fun with the looks of the desserts...make sure that it is just as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the mouth and stomach.

Thanks to the following for the pictures:,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bridesmaids 101

I got this in an email and thought I would pass it along to you all. I thought it was cute, plus it is always fun learning about old wedding traditions!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Destination Weddings Website!

A new blog is up and let me just say that it is GREAT! Yes, I may be a little biased because I am a part of it...but even if I wasn't, I would still love it. The blog is called Destination Weddings and it caters to every bride that is planning or just thinking about planning her wedding in a different location than what she currently resides. A lot of people think that Destination Weddings are only tropical locations, but that is not true. There are a lot of other destinations that are great for weddings, like Savannah, the Keys, and yes..the most important place..VEGAS!

The blog was created by Michelle McKibben Photography and Pictures by Tracy, two destination photographers. Their work is FABULOUS and they are the perfect duo to start this blog. It is such an honor that they asked Allure to be the exclusive event coordinating company to blog on the site with them. Hopefully we will give insight to what it takes to plan a destination wedding!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Off to Florida!

I'm headed off to the sunny state of Florida (although it has been VERY nice weather here in Georgia!) for an event, a little bit of vacationing, and to hang out with the in-laws. I'll be gone until Monday the as hard as it is going to be, I won't be able to blog much if at all. I know, sad! My husband says I am now a blog addict, but if he only knew how little I did blog compared to some people! haha..
I hope you all have a very safe and fun 4th of July and a great week!
This picture is actually from!

Caught on Camera!

Michelle McKibben Photography sent me this picture that she had captured at the Ledford Party in May. My assistant coordinator, Chrystal (on the left), was waiting outside for the guest of honor to arrive. When I came up to her to ask about something, I heard "Girls!" and then a snap! I must say....we don't look too caught off guard..haha!

The party was fabulous and I couldn't have done it without my assistant coordinators! I hate it, but I don't have a picture of my other assistant coordinator that was with us that night, Brianna. Both girls were a HUGE help. And I also have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Soirees of Chattanooga for the event. Because Soirees is so fabulous (yes, she is a competitor..but I can't help it, I just love those girls!) they were booked solid and gave me this event. Thanks Taylor and Morgan!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Old Hollywood Glam

This morning I was reading emails and I got an email about a Hollywood Glam Wedding! So much fun! So that is the inspiration of this board today. Hope you all like it!

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