Friday, July 25, 2008

Wine Parties

I love wine. I actually prefer it to most drinks. There is something about the taste of it that I thrive. Okay, now I sound like an alcoholic...which I am not. But when I do drink wine (which is about once a month) I really do enjoy it.

Most of us know the kinds of wine that we like. However, if you are knew into the wine-world, it can be very confusing. Here are just a few websites that might help you:

Wine Beginner (provider of picture), Wine Searcher , Wine Library

Home parties themed around wine are becoming more and more popular. How to throw a Wine Party:

1. Send out invitations explaining that each couple will bring 2 bottles of the same wine
2. Once guests arrive, put the wines into wine sleeves (or anything to cover the label)
3. During dinner, open only one of the bottles from each guest.
4. Have the guests sample each wine
4. Whichever wine was liked the most the couple who brought that kind of wine gets to take home the unopened bottles.
5. Drink the rest of the already opened bottles and have a good time!


PicturesByTracy said...

Great post! I love wine too;)

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