Monday, June 23, 2008

Color Board - Red, White & Gray

This week has been full of non-stop, on the go work, which we love..but it does take a toll on your body at times. But as all of the business was going on, I could not get Ohio out of my mind this week. I grew up in Ohio and moved to the south to go to college. After college, I stayed in the Chattanooga area and started the first Allure office here. Although I love Chattanooga, I was a little homesick this week. I'm not really sure why, but I just was.
So me being homesick is the inspiration for this week's color board. Although I did not go to Ohio State, I am a fan and used Ohio State colors on the board. It comes across very chic when used in the right way. Red has always been used as an accent color for many back to even the 70's (but the outfits sure have changed!) Red is the color of love and love is what weddings are all about (or at least should be!)


Melissa DiStefano said...

At first glance I thought I loved this board - then I read your inspiration - and decided I didn't like it anymore -

Go Gators!! :)

Allure Event Consulting said...

Haha...that is too funny!

My husband agrees with you. He grew up in Gainesville so is a huge Gator fan too! But you do have to agree that the colors of the board are just fabulous (even though they are Ohio State colors!)

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