Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Allure {Ohio} Wedding

A few months ago I mentioned to you all that I was opening up another Allure office, this time in Ohio. Toya Webb is the head coordinator in the Ohio office, and she has just accomplished her first wedding while working for Allure! I thought I would post a few of the pictures from the wedding so that you all can see that the Ohio business is up and running.
There are great things to come for Allure {Ohio}. We have a lot of ideas bouncing around in our heads and hopefully within the next few months we will nail some of those things down. I do want to make it clear that even though Allure does a lot of weddings, we also do a lot of corporate events and meetings. If anyone in the Ohio area needs assistance in planning their event please email Toya Webb at toya@allureeventconsulting.com.
A HUGE thanks to Michelle McKibben Photography for the pictures of this wedding. Michelle is a very well known photographer throughout the Eastern part of the United States, working all the way from Ohio down to Jamaica! Check out her pictures on her website http://www.michellemckibbenphotography.com/.


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