Friday, March 21, 2008

Need a Vacation?

Now that you are engaged and planning all of the wedding details, there is one important thing that you shouldn't forget. The Honeymoon. Yes, the Honeymoon is traditionally the groom's responsibility, but come on...don't you want to have a say in where you spend the most romantic week of your life??
Courtney Harding is a travel agent for America's Vacation Center, one of the top travel agencies in North America. Courtney is a certified specialist in Aruba, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Miami, Nassau,and London through GoGo Tours. She is also certified in Marriott and Fairmont hotels.
Americas Vacation Center is deeply committed to integrity, quality service, and success in every aspect of professionally planning vacations and cruises. We provide exclusive discounts, amenities, and first class customer service worldwide. Although Courtney's speciality is on the Caribbean, Cruises, Mexico, Disney and US travel, she is able to put together unique trips for each individual.
Make sure that you get the perfect honeymoon and "accidentally" leave on your computer so that your favorite guy can get the hint :)

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