Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another GREAT giveaway!!

Okay, now this giveaway might blow some of you away. The total cost of this item is $21,000!!!!! is having a contest to see who has the most romantic, original and creative words expressing true emotion. The winner of this oh-so romantic writing contest will be the winner of the 5.58 carat diamond necklace from Kwiat!

I am so excited about this contest and for the person who wins this fabulous necklace. It might seem easy to write about your loved one, but when you start to think about what it is about that other person that just makes your heart pitter-patter, the words (at least to me) just seem to get so jumbled. It's not that the words aren't there, it is that there are too many words to sum up one emotion.

When my husband and I first said "I love you" I knew right then and there that we had to truly hold onto what the words mean and not get into the habit of saying the phrase. Now that the big "L" word barrier was broken, I made my-then-boyfriend promise me that he would only say it when he was truly and honestly feeling it at that moment. And I did the same. It meant so much more to both of us when we would say it because we knew that we were feeling the emotion, not the habit. Now that almost 6 years has gone by since that moment, we have been bitten by the habit. I guess we need to all rethink back to the time that the phrase was first said to you by your loved one. What did you feel? Has the feeling of the phrase changed now that time has gone by?

Let's all think about why we REALLY LOVE someone and put those words down on paper. If you are feeling jumbled, that is okay. Write all of the words that comes into your head and then make sense of it. Afterwards, make sure whoever you wrote those kind words for is able to read what you wrote. No matter if you win the contest or not, it will draw you closer to the person you love, and there is no prize greater than that.

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