Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here are just a few ideas for the most romantic day of the year!

The bedroom is not the only place that should be spiced up for V-day. Take advantage of this holiday and see it as an opportunity to be creative in the dining room as well. This cute picture above has two pink table runners crisscrossed over each other to add color to the table. For the floral centerpiece, fill a tray with glass votive holders, then place water and a single rose in each. Snip each rose so that the blooms rest on the top edge of the glass. For a special treat, pick out paper with vibrant colors that match the rest of your decor. Roll from one corner to the next, stick the paper in a tall champagne glass and add your favorite candy!

What cute napkin ties! This goes well with a Valentines or Summer theme!

Homemade cards are not just for children. These cards are so simple to do and all you need is cardstock (red or pink!), pens and maybe a stamp or two. These little cards are the perfect size to slip into your honey's lunchbag.

Cute, cute, cute! I have always done a heart-shaped cake, but will be going with these cute cupcakes this year! So simple: start out with strawberry cake mix and red or white cupcake liners. After the cupcakes are done baking, take a heart-shaped cookie, lay it on top of the cupcake and sprinkle powdered sugar over the top of the cupcake. Remove the cookie carefully and lay it aside. Take either brown, white or pink ribbon and tie it around the cupcake. So easy!

This is a great idea for sharing a Valentine's treat with others. Make a batch and take them to your favorite businesses that are in your area (your bank, post office, hair salon). What a great way to network and enjoy the holiday!
Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for the pictures!


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