Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I found this information on . Really cute!
Chocolates and love letters are de rigueur come the 14th of February - the trick is finding the right chocolates, and the right words for those sweet nothings. Well, look no further. The Love Letter Collection from Wiseman House Chocolates has the requisite delectable chocolates: Wild Woman, Love Potion, Passion, and First Kiss, AND a sweet love letter originally written in 1895 from Adeline to Rufus (her betrothed). $38 includes the chocolates, the letter and a beautiful pink box with matching cocoa brown bow.

If you want to break the bank (and raise the bar for future Valentine's Day gifts) splurge on "The Perfect Evening" which includes a cozy chocolate brown bathrobe, jazz music from Chris Botti, a Cocoa Fleur candle AND the aforementioned Love Letter Collection of chocolates and already-written-for-you love letter. $175.

Final Word: For those who like chocolate and sweet nothings, this is a good bet.


What a creative idea from!
I hope that your Valentine's Day is full of love!


michellemckibbenphotography said...

Happy Valentines Day!! I love that picture. Whoever thought of that was very creative. (And you think I never ready your blog!) :)

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