Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bill's 60th Birthday Party

For the past year, I have been giving hints on one of my main projects that I have been working on. Well, the day has come to reveal the big was my grandfather's surprise 60th birthday party! The theme of the night was "Celebrating the Past 60 Years" and boy, did we go all out! On the invitations it told everyone to dress as one of the past decades that my grandfather was alive in 1940s - 2000s. I was so amazed to see how well everyone responded! There were great outfits and everyone looked so much their part! The picture above is of my sister...and as you can guess, she was dressing as the 1940s. I just love this picture that the photographer captured of her. To see all of the pictures you can go to La Vita Photo's website.

The night was a HUGE success! My grandfather was very surprised and had about 120 guests all there in his honor. However, there was a twist in the night and we had one more trick up our sleeves. About a fourth of the way into the night, I asked my grandparents to join me on the dance floor. I gave them a gift, which ended up being empty. Once they figured out that there was nothing in the box, the doors to the facility opened and in came all of the grandchildren with leis. Yes, that is right....we were letting them know that we had given them a trip to Hawaii too! The trip came from everyone at the party. It was indicated on the invitations that we were giving a huge gift and everyone in the party was more then generous with their donations.

I just want to give a few thank you's to a few people in particular:

-Ryan Vorhees for being our dj and providing us with great dance music
-Sandy Bland and all of her staff for making us a delicious meal and taking care of our catering needs.
-Victoria Stapleton at La Vita Photo for being our photobooth photographer
-Kim Burke for the yummy cupcakes!

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