Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barter Something Blue

I know that I have been so bad about blogging lately. Honestly, my schedule has been so crazy that I feel that January has been such a whirlwind! But there are no excuses for my lack of blogging. I'm sorry!

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs Weddings By A Groom-To-Be and read about a new spin-off blog by the author's brother (a.k.a. Gronk). I will just say that I love Weddings By A Groom-To-Be but I would not suggest that you read it if you are easily offended. If you like a good laugh then please feel free to read this Groom's take on the whole wedding process. Since I am a planner, I enjoy the comic relief that this Groom gives me.

Anyhow, the spin-off blog by Gronk is just hilirious! If you want a background story on why he created this blog, then read the last post of Wedding By A Groom-To-Be. Gronk's new blog is called Barter Something Blue. It is exactly what the title says, Gronk wants to barter his blue items for your blue items in hopes to find the perfect Something Blue for his soon-to-be sister-in-law. For any of you brides who do not have your something blue yet, take a look on his blog and see if there is something that you may want to use for your wedding day.


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