Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Centerpieces

Do you ever have a time where you just want to kick yourself for not doing something? I had an upscale baby shower that I planned about a year ago and we had the most adorable centerpieces! The only problem is that I didn't take any pictures of them! (Hence the part about wanting to kick myself!)
I tried to find if anyone else has ever done the same centerpieces, and although I did not find the exact same thing, what you see above is close to it. The expecting mother was having a baby boy so the centerpieces were with rain boots (they were blue and red) with flowers coming out of the tops of the boots. Next to the boots was a dump truck that was pouring out dirt with a few flowers placed in the dirt. In my search for these centerpieces, I did see another centerpiece that was cute, the miniature wheelbarrow with the flowers. All of these items definitely make me think of Spring! These centerpieces would be perfect for baby showers, women's luncheons or a birthday party!


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