Sunday, January 13, 2008

27 Dresses....No More!

As most of us know, it is difficult being a bridesmaid...and sometimes even more difficult being a bride and having them. You have to consider every single lady, their body shapes and their own special taste when it comes to clothes and the bridesmaid dress that they have agreed to wear just for you on your wedding day. I remember that their were only two things that stressed me out during the planning of my own wedding, one being that I only had 3 months to plan it, and the other being the bridesmaid's dresses. One of my girls complained so much that I finally said to my fiance "I don't care what they want anymore...this is what they will wear!" Yes, they ended up all looking so beautiful but I did not consider if they would like the dress or if they even could wear it again.

As I was doing "blog research" I came across The Bride's Cafe blog (a floral designer) which featured TwoBirds Bridesmaid. Two Birds has come up with a FANTASTIC that I wish I would have had during my own wedding. It is one dress...worn 10 different ways. Such a great idea. Now you can have your ladies in a great dress, but they can make it their own by styling it the way that fits their bodies the best. What a win-win situation!

Look at all the great colors to chose from!

So many ways to wear this dress! I just love it!!


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